I am originally from Chicago but moved to Arizona in 1967. I love the mountains, deserts and rivers of the West. The dramatic scale of things there resonates with me. I split my time between Tucson and Colorado, but find time to travel both within the United States, Canada and Mexico and beyond. In addition to art I enjoy hiking, biking and white-water kayaking. Mostly, I work with metal, primarily steel. I like to create both large free standing pieces as well as table top and wall pieces. I also enjoy creating paintings and multi-media wall pieces. My work is abstract and I focus on form and finish.

Many of the large colorful free standing sculptures are both powder coated and clear-coated using a “baked on” process. This finish produces vibrant colors and does a good job of withstanding the elements. Others have enamel finishes or a patina, while still others are intentionally rusted. Recently I have been commissioned to make a number of kinetic pieces. A link to a video of one of the kinetic pieces that is currently on exhibition can be found in the “Gallery “ section of my web site.


The smaller free standing sculptures which have a “rust color” finish are made from steel and are either rusted and clear-coated or finished with a patina and clear-coated. Others are powder coated and clear-coated or finished with an enamel paint. Almost all of the free standing sculptures may be placed either inside or outside.


The all steel wall pieces are painted with enamel and clear-coated or treated with a patina and clear-coated. Others have a rusted finish. Some are made for placement inside only, while others may be placed outside and are intended to be in harmony with all the elements.

The paintings and multi-media pieces are all intended to be placed inside. I utilize both oil and enamel paints applied to wood panel. Often I incorporate some metal elements which are either painted, powder coated or have had a patina applied.

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